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December update: Durno vs Khärn fights

We have finally completed the Zem Moorlands Arena, and this was the perfect moment to show you an epic battle among eight Durno fighters and eight Khärn warriors! We are still improving the combat system, balancing the two races and adjusting the speed and the pace of the fights, but we are really close to the final gameplay of Skara. What do you think?

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First Skara fatality

Hi guys!

In this short video you will see the first fatality which will be available for the Durno Character.

In Skara you will be able to execute fatalities in two moments:

- The first one will be just before killing your opponent. In order to execute it you will need to press a button quickly.
- In order to realize the second one you will need to counter an attack from your opponent when he will have low life.

The one that you can see below is a counter falatily! (the second one in my explanation)


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Welcome to the Skara Forums!

We are pleased to announce the release of the forum section. We will use the boards to connect gamers with the development team, as we want to involve the community in the creation process of Skara. You can contribute in several ways, writing stories about the races, creating factions, drawing characters or designing banners... All your assets for Skara are welcome, and we will give awesome prizes to the most popular ones. Imagine what it means to see your creations in a game that thousands of people will play. 

Please, note that during the first days the forums and the user´s registration may not work properly. We are adding new sections and forums as we go with the help and requests of the users, if you want to recommend something please don´t hesitate and ask us. 

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