Skara The Blade Remains Ltd
Based in London, UK. Barcelona, Spain

Founding date:
December 1, 2012


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Flat 4, 3-5 Bateman st.
W1D 4AG London. UK

+44 7 900 983 348


SKARA, The Blade Remains won't fit into pre-existing video game genres. For that reason, the SKARA team created a new one: Multiplayer Online Versus, MOV, where players enter arenas to engage in the kind of real-time combat fighting seen in versus games.


The Team

The SKARA concept has been in the works since 2008, and was officially launched in 2012. It now consists of a growing international team from Spain, France, Mexico, The UK and The US. Combined, the SKARA team boasts of dozens of years experience developing video games at companies like Codemasters, Ubisoft, Tequila Works, Ankama, Eurocom and Social Point. Some of the titles team members have worked on include: Wanted, DOFUS, Bond Legends, Bionic Commando, Terminator Salvation, Need for speed Undercover, Deadlight, Michael Jackson The Experience, Just Dance, Tintin and the secret of the Unicorn, Sports Connection, Motion Sports and many others.

The Six Skara Principles

SKARA aims on changing the video game experience by focusing on six principles. COMPELLING GRAPHS: With the amazing tools provided by Unreal Engines, SKARA offers next-gen graphics never seen in a free-to-play game. Nevertheless, SKARA is committed to creating the kind of high definition renderings available on next-gen consoles completely for free. REALISTIC COMBAT SYSTEM: Players will have absolute control over their character movements, choosing the timing and direction of each attack. Our goal is to mix the accuracy of a versus fighting game with the fast paced action of a first person shooter. COMPETITION: The skill of the player is the key for success in SKARA. Our combat system is easy to learn but hard to master, so only the best warriors will reach the top positions in the rankings and tournaments. This characteristic makes Skara the perfect eSport game. WRITE YOUR OWN STORY: We will promote and reward skilled players as the real protagonists of SKARA. They will motivate others to reach a higher status and will write their own gaming history. Talented and creative players will also contribute to the world of SKARA by starting new factions, designing banners, weapons, armour, and even their own cities. CUSTOMIZABLE FIGHTING STYLE: No two players are the same. For that reason, SKARA aims to let players differentiate themselves not only through their appearance, but also by finding their own best combination of equipment and fighting style. Players will be able to acquire new weapons, shields and armour, as well as movements, combos, fighting techniques and even fatality movements. ENGAGING PLAYERS: As players progress and gain experience, SKARA will unblock new options and features. Players will be able to create factions, or teams, to invite others to join them in battle. Some may eventually fund their own cities and defend them from the enemy’s raids. Each step will be challenging and exciting and will create a sense of community to keep players engaged.



Skara Alpha Gameplay YouTube


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Team & Repeating

César Ortega
CFO - Financial Director

Pablo Rodríguez
CEO - Creative Director

Sergi Salvador
Project Manager

Marc Boulesteix
Marketing Manager


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