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Design a Faction and BE THE KING!

We are looking for the best illustrators and concept artists to create factions for each of the five races of Skara. We are looking to build a team of collaborators who will develop a legendary game.


First, choose your favorite Skara race. Then use them as inspiration to design and create your own faction within that race. The idea is to name them, write their story, and illustrate a character in clothing, armor, and weaponry of your choice.

Remember, while you have full creative freedom, your work needs to stay true to the original design of each race and fit appropriately. After all, the golden armor and spear typical of Celean warriors would be quite out of place in the savage, large weaponry of the Kharn warriors.

For further inspiration and reference, you can learn more by exploring our website. You can also download our Art & History book to reveal even more about each race: their stories, legends and deities.(


As one of the five winners of our competition, (one per race) you will receive the following:

·You will be paid for your design (amount to be determined by quality).

· Your design will be modeled into 3D and incorporated into Skara - The Blade Remains with credit to you in the game. Plus, players of the game will have the option to chose your faction before going into battle.

· You will be named King (or appropriate race title) of your faction. As a part of your rule, you will be able to design the faction’s banners as well as recruit and command your troops onto the battlefield.

· You will receive numerous exclusive in-game rewards such as limited edition weapons and armors as well as special movements and attacks. In addition, you will also receive 100 Honor Points and money to spend in the Skara Armory.

· We will send you a physical copy of Skara packed in a special box, a Limited Edition T-Shirt, and one 25 cms figure of the Skara character of your choice.


We want to include the concept-art community in our game because we consider Art to be one of the most important aspects of Skara. We have a brilliant art team and are quite happy with our illustrations. However, we want different visions of the characters of Skara and will reward the five best designs with fantastic prizes… After all, the point is not to receive free art rather than paying a professional. We will not use any illustrations without the author’s permission.