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Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Art, The Project | 0 comments

Art pre-production. Celea concept art

In the southern lands of Skara, the people of Celea has established its dominance over the whole coast territory. Breed of sailors, the warriors of Celea wear bronze armors and big shields to repel enemy attacks, while menace their rivals from distance with long spears.


Celea troops are organized and effective, and approach the enemy in closed regiments, protecting every brother in arms with their shields. They are lethal in the middle distance with their long spears, but also with the bows, which they use with accuracy to decimate the enemies before direct confrontation.

Our concept artist Maki Planas created this amazing illustration of a Celea´s fighter, wearing a light bronze armor and the distinctive spear of the Enlora realm.



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