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Get Involved

As a team of real gamers, 8-bit Studios’ members have been involved in a lot of Mods, Development Forums and Game Communities. As a consequence we know that if you give a community the necessary tools to allow their imagination free rein, wonderful things happen. Now that we are a company, we want to keep this spirit within Skara, our main title, giving the chance for users to participate in the creative process.

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The gamer community can contribute in many ways. Use our forums or our Social Media sites to create content, communicate with the team, propose ideas or vote for favorite incoming features in Skara. We are also offering awesome prizes for participants in our contests. For example, Diana Espinoza was chosen by the community to be the first of Five Main Characters for our Story Mode.

Our team will use Diana’s features to create a character that thousands of gamers around the world will use to play the online and offline modes of the game. Other members of the community of fans will have a chance to design the rest of the characters of the history mode in Skara through contests that will be launched through our social networks and the official forums on our website.

Log into our forums to discover how you can become a part of Skara, and build with the rest of our community a dangerous new winner-take-all world.  



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