Skara - The Blade Remains


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Anger that sits burns its bearer, Anger that moves burns others” --Shinse proverb

Remember to love the lake—our Protectress
Remember to love the Waachi—our food
Remember to respect the sharpness of your blade
Fear the slowness of your mind
Hate the quickness of your tongue.

There was joy in everything then—in the training for war even.
It was understood to be the form, the pathway of happiness.
But blood rested not on our hands.
Even Durno children came to learn with ours the Arts of war and self control at our Elders feet.

Take nothing with you that should be brought back, except your blade your bow and your cloak, or you will not come back.

That is why in your dreams you must remember that land
Feed it to your heart
And no matter what misfortune befalls you—you will then be forever Shinse.

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The Shinse are like the stones in a river… hard and smooth, polished by the flowing waters of fortune. They are a highly spiritual race and strongly connected to the earth and the tides. Possessed by an emotion sensibility, Shinse see where others are blind.

They don’t fear for their lives—Shinse fight with two swords: one always longer than the other. Add to their natural speed and training that starts from childhood, the Shinse are stealthy assassins on the battlefield.

After the Cêlea arrived in the south, attacking them violently and the Durno betrayed their promise of mutual defense, the Shinse had to leave their warm coast lands behind. They have since lived on the northern steppes, in the area around Syvse Lake, upon which they built Nagaco–the floating city–to keep their women safe from the Khärn raids out of the mountains.

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