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Our Founder was the youngest of eight sons. In that time, the Durno people moved around and had not learned cultivation of plants or how to build great edifices with heavy stones or bricks. Instead, they traveled with their flocks, from the base of the mountains where the First Father was born to the gentle pastures in the valley of the river Aren, following the seasons. They never ventured North or South, for fear of the monsters said to roam the unknown horizons.

The Founder’s many brothers were unruly—always trying to best one another in feats of strength: lifting great stones, running great distances, or climbing great heights. There was nothing they couldn’t make into a competition.

Though the Founder himself was strong and fierce, he was also given to dreaming and feats of the mind. He solved many problems for his people—how to create better animals by only allowing the best to mate, or how to use wind to create a fire strong enough to melt rocks.

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The Durno believe their First Father was carved out of the Mountains and brought down by the Eagles. They were the first to settle central Skara, the first to build a city, learn trades and crafts and become wealthy. They were the first to learn the use of metal in the arts of war and the first to seek to conquer Skara and enslave its people.  

The Durno’s greed led to their trouble. By moving into their northern neighbor’s territory, the Durno began an age long struggle with the Tamvaasa. Eventually, by entering into a pact with the Shinse, the Durno managed to push the Tamvaasa far away from the good land.

Once a lazy people, in more recent times the king recognized the need to preserve his new lands by constant show of strength. He provided his army with the newest and best swords, shields and crossbows. Ever since, all of the Durno have been well trained for battle. They march together as sorted troops and act as an army. 

For a long time, and through-out the alliance with the Shinse, the sons of noblemen from Durno would spend three years in Nagaco, where under the guidance of Masters learned the most accurate and lethal of Shinse techniques. These sons became a new elite amongst Durno people. 

Durno lands now extend over most of the land to the east of the Rhozsa mountains, and for more than fifty years they have ruled with an iron fist over the region.

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