Skara - The Blade Remains


Skara - The Blade Remains

The Game

 "There was a time when only Celem danced upon the roof of Skara… that time has passed."


To understand SKARA, first think of a typical versus fighting game. Two players square off, they can combine their moves and blocks to make an elaborate and sometimes drawn out fight. Timing matters. Attacking requires dexterity. Blocking requires quick reflexes.

This type of fighting game is more fun to watch and more fun to play because of its variety.

Now imagine that versus fighting experience taking place with more than just two players at a time. Expand it to 16 players, all actual people and all playing online against one another in real time.

This is what SKARA will be. It has never been done before.

Since this game concept doesn’t fit any existing genres, the SKARA team decided to make a new one: MOV, Multiplayer Online Versus.  


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What is more, SKARA has committed to always being free to play online.

The SKARA team is planning on being the highest quality free to play game available. We want to raise the bar when it comes to free to play gaming.

Anyone can join and anyone can win in SKARA, unlike in other free to play games, where characters level up and buy speed or strength to dominate their opponents.

A talented beginner who has invested nothing in their character can kill a veteran who has.

So why invest in characters?

The SKARA team has identified essentially two reasons players would want to do so: Firstly, to take control of their character’s appearance and fighting style, and secondly to be able to explore more exclusive parts of the game.



Players will be able to personalize their characters using an essentially limitless amount of options, spanning from clothing to body features, including even tattoos.

Players will also be able to purchase special weapons and learn new fighting combinations to facilitate their own distinctive fighting style.

However, in the interest of fairness, these special features come with trade-offs. For instance, an extra heavy piece of armor will slow a character down just as it would in real life.

New moves will allow players to dispatch their enemies (and their friends) in spectacular ways. The SKARA team has already been designing these: check them out.




The SKARA team will not stop developing the game once it is alive online. We want to make the best game ever, and without players contribution that would be impossible.

So SKARA will grow and change with its players. The best and most committed players will be able to not only rule the existing gaming landscape, they will be allowed to conquer new landscapes as the SKARA team develops them.


Since characters don´t level up in SKARA, the only way to become a better warrior is by winning on the battle field.

When a player wins a battle, he or she moves up in the ranks. When players win in a team (faction) battle, their team moves up.

SKARA will keep track of these and allow those winning to dominate their chosen arena or arenas. Players will have to stay tough and keep winning to hold onto their territory though: SKARA is a land constantly at war.

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The inhabitants of SKARA are at war with each other for good reason—to survive.

SKARA at one time only had one sun, Celem, and though the seasons and climate were more or less habitable, it was always tough for the five races of SKARA to live: extremely cold in the north and extremely hot in the south for example. (see more about SKARA’s races)

But them Lôm, a cosmic phenomenon similar to a comet, crashed into Celem, causing inestimable disruptions to SKARA’s solar system. Earthquakes and other natural disasters changed fundamentally the way its inhabitants, who were frequently at war anyway, related.

Now with survival in question, it’s a scramble for a crowded planet to snatch up what’s left—before it’s too late.   

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