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Bül said the first Tamvaasa came out of the water. He said like a fish Tamvaasa swam and breathed and ate below until the day came and Celem called him up.

Bül said then Tamvaasa looked up and begged all the Gods to protect his friend Meaning. He was holding Meaning in his arms when Roht, from the Clouds, looked down on Tamvaasa with compassion. The compassion was of such intensity it cause a flash that hit a dead tree. The tree sprang to a new kind of life, the life known as Fire. The Fire was a heat that Tamvaasa had never known. He brought Meaning closer to Fire and the heat brought Meaning back, making Tamvaasa sigh with joy. He thanked Roht for the gift and resolved to cherish Roht in all his songs. When Tamvaasa went finally with Forever, he left Meaning his skin. Meaning put the skin on, and found that it kept him warm, even when not near Fire.

Bül said that was when the Tamvaasa as we know them began to live and spread, first by the lake and then throughout all the Forest land.
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There was a time in which the Tamvaasa ruled over the northern half of Skara. They were always wise and sensible, whilst being just as brave as others. So long as they were feared and respected, their kingdom flourished and prospered.   

They live mostly in the woods, for they feel strongly connected to the habitat of the Icy North. Their main weapon is therefore a huge axe they use both to fight with and as a tool for their ordinary forest life.  

When the Durno arose as the new dominant kingdom in Skara, a great battle took place close to the seat of Hiria. The Tamvaasa were bitterly defeated, and since they love peace more then the other races, they retreated ever further north. Since then, they live off of what the forest provides them, always patrolling their borders in order to secure their people and property, never letting anyone break through amongst them.

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