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TOPIC: A concise guide to Skara for new players.

A concise guide to Skara for new players. 2 months 1 week ago #581

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The game Skara: The Blade Remains, is a unique type of game, and aims to become an eSports sensation. It is an arena based combat, and you require fast reflexes to be good at killing. The game is free to play, and does not require money to win. Fancier armour would only decrease your movement speed. When you fight, you need to attack, block, and parry quickly. You can do fatalities by quickly parrying, or doing something worthy of notice. A fatality/ counter fatality is a gorier, cooler way to finish your enemy, much like the Mortal Kombat fatalities. When you die, you respawn instantly, and you there are no levels or upgrades/boosters, so even a noob could defeat a veteran. There are five main races in this game: the Kharn, Durno,Shinse,Celea, and Tamvaasa. The Kharn are massive barbarians, that live in the desert; their skin takes on a greyish pallor. They favor large clobbering weapons, like th club. The Durno are quick and agile humans, your moderate, run-of-the-mill race. They usually sport shields and swords. The Shinse are an Oriental race that relies on quickness. I believe they favor katanas and other Oriental weapons. The Tamvaasa are a Northern race that wear animal pelts, and carry large axes for utility and battle. They are fierce and seemingly inspired by Vikings. The Celea are a race that seem like Romans; they usually sport bucklers, spears, and bows. They are referred to as the Sons of Fire. You need to be quick, accurate, and strategic in order to survive as much as you can. In order to participate in Beta testing, you need to be active on the forums. And remember, play smart, not hard.
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