Skara - The Blade Remains


Art pre-production. First week.

So here we are. It’s been five days since we started pre-production art. We have a entire meeting room for us, that we have filled with documentation mudboards for armor, warriors and mountains, and dozens of pages with strange sketches. In the tiny unoccupied space we have our laptops and our drawing tablets, coffee, bottled water and packets of chocolate biscuits.


This week we focused on the main look of the game and the design of the first two races. We have drawn several thumbnails, discarded what does not fit and enhanced what inspired us most. In this process we have taken decisions that also affect the modeling and Game Design; the armor type modify the way each character fight and defend against enemy attacks, and modelers will have to make the armor pieces fit well and move correctly when animating the characters.

Next week we will begin to develop the final artwork for each of the characters, drawing them from different points of view to make the life easier for modelers.

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