Skara - The Blade Remains


Khärn: rebuilding a character

Having a new engine we are able right now to show more poligons and bones to every model. Although we were happy with our characters, it was worth stop for a second and redefine them as we are placing the camera closer in the gameplay. 

Now we can see the result on the game. Our new Character Lead Artist, Óscar Giménez, created this hi-res model as an exemple of how deep we could get working with the new engine.

The diffuse and normal map is taken from this hi-res model, but the number of poligons is too high, so the character is retopologized under 20.000 triangles. You can see below how the low-poly looks with the hi-res textures. 

And here is a composition of a Khärn character as will be seen in the game. 


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