Skara - The Blade Remains


Skara Evolution

Since we started this amazing proyect almost a year ago we had a very clear objective: to document the whole process of creation and development of Skara and share it with users and developers. We have recorded videos, created time-lapses and prepared technical documentation of each of the objects that can be found in the game. Through the blog, our forums and social networking presence we tried to show you as much information as possible. But you know, developing a game is a hard proccess, so often we do not even have time to update the blog, and many times it gets dark and we continue in the studio solving bugs or balancing the combat system. 

But the great thing with long developments is the inmense satisfaction when you start to see progress. And finally we are able to play Skara, and our objective is more than fulfilled: is a really fun game, and during each match the shouts and laughter of the team can be heard in the studio as they test the game. This is our first combat system try-out, and our plan is to show you weekly updates and explain to the users the features that we implement in the game as we go, to let you see the development progress. Enjoy!



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