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Environment Art: Khilma Mountain.

On that video update  you can see some pieces of the Khilma arena, wich is the map of the Khärn race. The environment art  team is working hard to give the shape to this place where  those brutal warriors live. We are doing it step by step. The first step to create the map is about translating the concept art to small chunks wich are going to be laid out on the playable space.You can identify wich elements you are going to need just looking at the art or directly asking to the art director wich will provide very nice feedback for creating the needed assets in one way or other.

Everyone of the assets are distributed inside our scenario, with a bit of creativity we can do that the same object can serve us on multiple occasions, sometimes the same tree rotated a few degrees or changed on the position can give the sensation of being a totally different tree. This way we can have more richness for our scenario… 


When we layout the assets we are very interested on telling tales through it, trying  to get under the skin of the character. If you found some bloody bones on a field, you may think that a cruel battle has happened there recently. Is our job to think about all that stories and try to explain them using a clever composition or lighting. We have to be creative at every moment even we are just placing a few of cobblestones…

On this video you can also see some assets that conform the scenario and how they are constructed polygon wise…

Zem Moorlands Concept Art.

Our Art Department continue working on the first drawings for our next arena, the Zem Moorlands. After the color keys phase, it´s time to develop some ideas about the environment, following the specific instructions of the Game Design Department. Using photografies, special brushes and quick strokes, our concept artist developed this series of pictures as a starting point to discuss with the environment modellers the ambience, the weather and the rock textures of the arena.

Zem Moorlands Concept Art: color keys

The creation process for a new arena starts with a list of color key illustrations. They are basically quick drawings in which we try to caught the spirit and ambience of the environment, but it is also a good starting point to discover elements that work, such as rocks and vegetation.

New 3D character. Tamvaasa explorer.

David Vercher, our Lead Character Artist,  has just finished our third 3D caracter, the Tamvaasa explorer. I´d like to show you the final result, but also the creation process from the first drawings to the hi-res 3D model.




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